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The Pros and Cons of Dental Treatment in Mexico

Mexico dentist treatment is a scary proposition for many people even if they are going to their local dentist, but this can be doubly so if traveling abroad for dental care. While there may be a number of reasons for having your dental care abroad, undoubtedly the number one reason is the cost, but not at the expense of quality.

Dental Departures has helped thousands of people from around the world, particularly those from countries where dental care is expensive such as the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, to find more affordable dentistry in another country.

Working closely with global dentists in countries such as Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, India, Hungary and other emerging economies, they provide patients with the means to find a reliable, quality-checked dentist, backed up with dentist qualifications, real patient reviews, high-quality photos and virtual tours at prices they can afford.

So what, in their experience, are the pros and cons of dental care abroad?


  1. Cost

The cost is by far the overwhelming reason why people start looking at dental care abroad. Faced with a huge dental bill their insurance (if they have it) will not cover the reality is to stump up the cash (if they can); be faced with losing a tooth or to put up with the pain and discomfort for as long as they can before inevitably losing the tooth anyway. Traveling abroad for dental care saves patients, on average, 60% with some saving up to 90%.

  1. Quality

It is not just the savings on dental care that lures patients. Superior quality dental care and accredited, multi-disciplinary practices and internationally-accredited hospitals play a role in attracting patients, as well as dentist affiliations and qualifications with familiar professional organizations such as the American Dental Association.

  1. Convenience

For some people, taking time off work isn’t easy and combining their dental work with a holiday means they don’t have to forego their holiday time.

  1. Relaxation

It is the ideal way to unwind from the everyday stresses and strains of life and why not recuperate on holiday rather than at home?



  1. Things going wrong

No medical or dental procedure is guaranteed 100% no matter where you have it done but choosing a quality-checked dentist will reduce the risk. Many overseas dentists often provide guarantees or warranties on their work so they will correct any problems free-of-charge. If you are concerned about the expense of traveling back there are no many insurance providers who, for a reasonable cost, will provide cover for additional flight and accommodation charges so if you do need to travel back you won’t be out of pocket.

Additionally, it may be difficult to sue for medical negligence abroad, but realistically how easy is it in your home country? Dental Departures offers an advocacy service to its patients and will work on your behalf to get problems put right.

  1. Language Barrier

This could be a problem but it’s worth remembering that many dental office abroad who target international patients do have English-speaking doctors, and companies such as Dental Departures make sure that their dental offices do.

  1. Multiple Visits

Some procedures are probably not suitable for treatment abroad, unless you travel there regularly. Treatments such as orthodontics (braces), and even dental implants which usually require two visits, but sometimes more than this if bone grafting is required fit into this category so you will be just as well to make sure your treatment can be carried out in the time you require.

Traveling abroad for dental care is not a last resort, but increasingly now is a lifestyle choice with companies like Dental Departures opening up a world of opportunity for global dental care to everyone.

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